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Called to Create DTS

Called to Create DTS is a 6 month adventure with God to discover His character, His love for you, and for the nations. It's designed to help you grow as a Disciple of Jesus and learn about how to use your gifts to share His love with people in the mission field and everyday life. Through DTS, YWAM hopes to raise a generation of people to live out the calling to know God and to make Disciples of all nations. This DTS aims to give you the tools and skills you need to use your creative gifts in the context of missions, and giving you real opportunities to practice reaching the people around you. 



Michaela is a quirky Irish woman with a passion for arts and the prophetic. She completed a Performing Arts DTS in Hong Kong in 2014 and stayed to do a Bible course before returning home. After graduating with a degree in community and youth work she got a job with a youth project and worked there until moving to Rostrevor to staff the Arts and Media DTS. She loves meeting new people, travel and exploring cultures, and playing games with friends. 




Start Date    21 March 2022

End Date    26 August 2022



Lecture Phase       £2200 GBP


Outreach Phase    £1800 GBP


24 credits towards a degree from University of the Nations and opportunities to staff with YWAM worldwide.



The Lecture Phase

Know God more deeply, live more like Jesus and use your gifts and passions in missions.

Worship _ywamrostrevor.jpg

The lecture phase where you have teachers come from all over the world to share their wisdom on a different topic. Topics such as the Parent heart of God, Character and Nature of God, the Holy Spirit, Arts in Missions, Discipleship, Identity, Media in Missions, biblical worldview etc. You will also have local outreach, one on one discipleship, small groups, practical service, times of worship and prayer, community living, and time devoted to exploring different types of art!


During this DTS you will have time to explore how arts intertwines with the kingdom of God and have opportunities to explore Photography, fine art, dance, prophetic art, song writing, film making, story telling and so many other types of creative expression. 

The Outreach Phase

The last 10 weeks will be about putting what you've learned and grown in to practice during a cross culture outreach, to tell people of God's love for them! As a team you will partner with local ministries and long term missionaries in that selected location. You will work with your team to bless local people and make God known wherever that is. As an Arts and Media DTS you'll be able to use your creativity to impact people's life's and showing them God's love. 


We believe that you are made in the image of God, the most incredible creator of all time. That makes you creative by inheritance! So even if you haven't explored your own creativity ever before, come and let Him unlock it  in a whole new way! Whether you have been doing art since you were born or never picked up a brush or camera before in your life, you are so welcome on this school! 

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