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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is DTS? 

A DTS is six months of personally experiencing God and living the adventure of taking His message to the nations. It's an intense, full-time program consisting of two parts - lecture phase and outreach phase.


Who can apply to do a DTS?

The main qualification for studying in a DTS is that you have a relationship with God, want to grow in Him and want to help other people get to know Him. The other qualification is that you are at least 18 years old and/or have completed High School.


How do I apply for DTS?

contact us by email for the application.


We will begin processing your application once we have received your registration fee, application, and all your references.


What should I expect during the application process?

You will need to fill out an application form, health form, personal history form, police history check and ask three people to fill out reference forms for you. All forms are downloadable here. We must receive all the forms for us to consider your application.


Once we have received your entire application we will pray and discuss it as staff. We will be conducting phone or Skype interviews with you at this point. These help us to get to know you better… and help you to get to know us better! We will then let you know whether your application has been successful or not.



What will my day look like during the lecture phase of the DTS?

As Christians and YWAMers, we highly value our relationship with the Lord, so all are encouraged to start the day with Quiet Time – taking time on your own to be with God, read His word, worship Him and listen to His voice.


DTS schedules differ from school to school but our mornings usually start with intercession for other nations / ministries and worship, and then continue with lectures. Afternoons are filled with studies, small groups, one-on-ones, work duties and other activities. It is definitely an exciting time!


How can I adjust to living in a different culture?

Come with an attitude of openness to learn. Many things, including ideas and behavioural norms, will probably be different to what you are used to. This will take some adjusting. It is all part of the experience, and if you remain flexible and dependent on God, it will definitely add to your time here and prepare you for a life time of cross-cultural and cross-generational missions.


During the course of the lecture phase you will have a weekly one-on-one meeting with a member of staff with whom you can discuss any concerns you may have.


Do I need a visa to come to Rostrevor, Northern Ireland, UK?

Maybe - There are a number of countries that DO NOT need a visa to come to Northern Ireland, UK (UK and EU). Citizens of other countries DO need a visa, in which case you will need a letter of sponsorship from us to obtain a visa.


Once you have been accepted as a trainee, we will be in contact with you about the visa process. The visa process normally takes 2-3 months to complete, depending on your country of origin. Don’t worry, our trained administrator will walk you through it and give you guidance for every step.


How much does the DTS cost?

Every DTS varies e.g. 

Admin fee (non-refundable)     £25

March’15 Arts and Media DTS £3600

Sept’15-16 Kingdom DTS        £3800


Registration fee: £200 non refundable deposit due when accepted. This amount counts towards the lecture phase fees.


This doesn’t include airfare, vaccinations or visa costs.


How do I raise the money?

Once you’ve been accepted to the school, we’ll be happy to help you come up with ideas for raising the money for DTS. Please feel free to contact us to discuss it.  Click here for more information on fundraising.


Some of our trainees are supported by their churches, friends, or families. Others work for a period of time to earn the money, and others use their savings accounts or sell their car and other possessions.


Do you accept payment in other currency? (For International Students)
Yes. Foreign trainees (Non UK and EU) can send this 

  • by bank draft in British Pounds. 

  • by sending a personal cheque in Euros, US, Canadian or Australian dollars, or Swiss Francs made to “YWAM NI Ltd”.

  • by Paypal using credit cards.

  • by cash - pound sterling only, you can withdraw cash (Sterling Pounds '£' GBP) from local ATM.

We advise that you inform your bank and credit card companies that you’ll travelling for a specific period of time, so they won’t block your cards/accounts.


Are there any additional costs?

Yes. Additional costs include your airfare to and from Rostrevor, NI as well as your outreach airfare (from Rostrevor to outreach location return). You will also be required to pay for any needed vaccinations, visa costs, gifts, toiletries and personal spending money.


When are the fees due?

Lecture phase fees are due on the first day of school, during registration.

Outreach phase fees need to be paid in full 30 days before the start of outreach. You are responsible to make sure that your fees are paid in full.


What is/isn’t included in the school fees?

The school fees includes housing, 3 meals a day, the cost of travel when we go somewhere as a team, as well as food and housing on outreach.


The school fee does NOT include transport to Rostrevor, Northern Ireland and back to your home country nor does it include visa expenses to UK or to outreach. All personal expenses incurred while involved with YWAM Rostrevor are the responsibility of the student (such as medical costs, food and snacks away from the DTS house/apartments, toiletry items and mail). It is a good idea to bring some spending money for things such as snacks or personal items.



What is your refund policy?

Lecture phase - A trainee(s) leaving for any reason

Prior to the first session of class- 100%

During the second week of class- 85%

During the third week of class- 50%

No refund is payable to trainees who leave after the end of the 3rd week.


Outreach Phase - A trainee(s) leaving before the commencement of the outreach will be liable for any irrecoverable expenses incurred on their behalf (for example: accommodation bookings, flights, etc.). Once outreach has commenced, no refund is payable to a trainee.


Is money given for DTS is tax deductible? 

Donations for students are NOT tax deductible. If someone wants to send a gift, please ask if your church can help with tax-deductible gifts.


Do you have scholarships available?
Not at this time. Each of us (staffs) at this YWAM Rostrevor centre still need to pray and fundraise for airfares, day to day living expenses and other expenses. We are all on this faith walk together.


Do I need travel insurance?

YES. Travel insurance is advisable for your stay here in UK and international outreach. We advise getting multi-country travel and medical insurance for 6 months. For outreach we will purchase travel insurance at your expense if you are not insured already. We will let you know if we need to do this.



What topics are taught?

During lecture phase, some of the topics you will learn about include:

God’s nature and character

Sin and the cross

Holy Spirit

Bible Study






Kingdom of God



How do I get to Rostrevor, Northern Ireland?

By Air: You can fly into Dublin Airport, Belfast City or Belfast International Airports. You will be picked up at the airport by one of our staff members.


By boat / car / bike / bicycle: You can take a ferry from Scotland & England to Belfast, Dublin or Warrenpoint, then make your way to Rostrevor. Our address/coordinates are: 

An Cuan

YWAM Rostrevor

44 Shore Road


BT34 3ET

Northern Ireland 

Latitude : 54.096204 | Longitude : -6.194576


Do you have someone who can pick me up at the airport?

Yes.  Please send us your complete flight details as soon as you have confirmed your flight.  Someone will meet you at baggage claim holding with a sign that says ‘YWAM’. 



Do you have shops near you? How about grocery? Banks? ATM? Entertainment? 

The village is approximately a 10 minute walk from our centre where you can find ATMs, a couple of small grocery stores, coffee shops, a chemist and a post office. Newry is the closest city and is 20 minutes away by car or bus (bus stop directly behind our centre). In Newry you can find movie theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, Starbucks, bowling, karting and more. You will have time available during weekends to explore and relax.  



Do you supply food for the weekends as well?



Can I leave campus to go with a friend out to eat or shopping?

Yes, upon request and subject to DTS leader’s approval. Occasionally we have weekend outings or ministry opportunities, so each student will need to submit their requests week by week. 



What are the holiday breaks?

For the Fall/Autumn DTS we give a short break for Christmas. Specific dates will be given to you upon acceptance. We ask trainees to stay on the island of Ireland. If you have guests planning to visit you, you must inform your DTS leader as soon as possible.


Can my family/boyfriend/girlfriend visit me during DTS?
Upon request and subject to DTS leader’s approval. Please inform at least a month in advance.


Do I need to bring sheets, blanket, pillow and towels?
You do not need to bring any of those items as they are all provided.  Consider bringing a sleeping bag for outreach, though. Please also consider bringing a nice hiking backpack for outreach as you may find this easier to travel with than a suitcase.


I have special dietary needs. Will I have access to a kitchen?
Yes, that is no problem.



When is registration for Kingdom DTS’15-16? And what shall I bring for registration?
Students are to register on Monday, September 28th, 2015 at our DTS lecture centre. There will be a table set-up for registration. Please bring along:

1 Your passport and a photocopy of the information page in your passport.

2 A passport sized photograph of yourself.

3 DTS lecture fees.

Upon registration, you will receive a Welcome Kit, which includes your notebook, journal and DTS manual.



What should I pack?

Check out the ‘Before You Arrive’ document.


How much luggage should I bring?
You will be sharing a room with several other people and there is limited space. Please pack lightly for DTS and only bring 1 suitcase - a backpack is advisable as your outreach may be mobile and backpacks make moving around easier.



Can I bring my laptop and will there be internet available?

Yes, you can bring one laptop per person. Make sure you bring an adapter (UK has 220 volts) – these can be bought at a local hardware store/ airports. Yes, we have internet available for you while here.


Can I bring my musical instrument(s)?

Yes! A musical instrument is a great item to bring! You may be able to use it during worship times in DTS and even on outreach as long as you don’t mind carrying it. Grand pianos are inadvisable.


Can I bring my mobile/smartphone/iPads/tablets?

Yes, you can bring your mobile/cellphone. You will, however be asked to switch it off during lectures, meetings and other class activities.



What is the climate like in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland?

We have four very distinct seasons. Spring is usually wet but gets warm and dry towards May, when everything comes alive and there is lots of colour. Summers tend to be warm between 15C and 28C and last to the end of August. Fall weather is not so much cold as it is rainy and umbrellas are easily available. Winter weather starts around November and tends to be very cold between 2C and 6C lasting until March.



What is outreach?

Outreach is the field assignment part of the course. It is usually 10-12 weeks in length and a requirement for the successful completion of the DTS course. It is the part of the DTS course where you get to practically apply the things you have learnt in the classroom such as preaching, teaching, evangelising, mercy ministries and more! You will be part of a team of students and staff to go and make God known!


Where will we go on outreach?

We usually send outreaches to our focus nations but we are always open to hearing if God wants us somewhere else. Our focus nations are India, China, Israel & Palestine, Lebanon, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa, The Balkans and Ireland.

We usually announce the outreach location during lecture phase.


Do I need to take part in outreach?

To successfully complete the DTS, you will need to take part in outreach. This is the part of the school where the main focus will be on putting into practice what you have learnt over the course of the lecture phase.


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