The Training Schools are designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in the world.


We offer 

Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Equip - School of Ministry Development (SOMD)

Faith and Conflict Seminars


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DTS Financial Policy


This Financial Policy is designed to explain the financial costs of attending a DTS and how that money is spent. It also gives a

breakdown of when fees become payable.


The DTS fees cover the cost of tuition, board and lodging during the lecture and debrief phase. They cover:

  • Student Registration with the University of the Nations

  • Speaker expenses (travel and a small honorarium)

  • Food for all meals

  • Internal rental costs for the use of base accommodation and teaching rooms

  • Travel costs for midweek and mid-term outreaches

  • Contribution towards the running of the training office

  • Contribution towards the cost of one pastoral visit per outreach location

  • Contribution towards our Sponsor Trainee Program

APPROXIMATE OVERALL COSTS – (as of May 2020 applicable for schools 6 months or less. Fees may vary.)

  • Application fee: £25

  • Lecture Phase: £2000

  • Outreach Phase: £1700 (guideline costs, not including the airfare)

  • Total: approx. £3725 (does not include any airfare or UK Visa costs)

  • In addition to the above you should allow some money for leisure, personal needs, toiletries, etc.


  • Administration fee - £25 non-refundable deposit due with application (Covers the cost of processing your application.)

  • Registration fee - £200 non-refundable Room deposit due when acceptance letter is received (Confirms your acceptance and reserves your room). This amount counts towards Lecture Phase fee balance.

  • Balance of Lecture phase fee due on arrival.

  • Outreach fees – We appreciate if the outreach fee is paid by week 4, though it is due in full before the commencement of outreach. YWAM will aid in the selection of flights for outreach. Payment for transport to the outreach location (such as flights) and visa fees will be in addition to the outreach fee, and will be payable upon booking – typically around week 5.


Fees for children are based mainly on food costs but also include a nominal amount for utilities.


Age Cost

0-1 Free

1-5 20%

6-12 40%

13+ 60%


Youth With A Mission is a faith mission. Therefore we are open to prayerfully considering applications from those who

through unemployment or other circumstances are lacking the total finances. If, together with the church, we felt

it right that they are to attend the DTS we would work out a financial scheme on an individual basis. Without such

an arrangement in place before the school starts we are unable to accommodate students who do not have their

fees in full. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this applies to you.


 ALL FEES ARE QUOTED IN POUNDS STERLING ONLY. Overseas applicants may pay the equivalent in US/Canadian/Australian dollars or Swiss Francs but will be liable for bank charges incurred.