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Ignite & embrace dts

Are you ready for God to ignite a fire in you? Are you ready to embrace the gifts and passions He’s given you? Are you ready to embrace God’s vision for this world?

DTS in one word is a journey. It's a journey that begins with God, and we are invited to join in with Him. In doing a DTS you create a time and space to respond to God’s invitation. This starts with getting to know who God is, and who God is for you and the world around you. Throughout this process you can discover more of God's love and vision for everyone, which ignites a fire within! A fire that cannot be put out because it radiates goodness.

We are each uniquely created in God’s image and carry various gifts and passions. In growing deeper in our relationship with God we learn that our lives are not only about ourselves, but that God has a special calling for all of us. God wants to partner with us in using our gifts and passions to reflect Him to others. God’s heart is bigger than we could ever imagine. He says that we are made in His image - this includes our neighbors, our friends, our enemies, and those that are not given a voice in society. God has a plan for all nations and all people, He wants everyone to know His deep love.

The heart of this school is to see the nations and the people of this world be reconciled with God, themselves, and each other. DTS is focused on learning and grasping these Truths, and then going out and putting what’s been learned into action!

The desire for this DTS is that you are drawn in by God’s beauty for you and the world around you.

You are invited to the Ignite & Embrace DTS to walk this journey with God and to say yes to His calling on your life.


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Start Date// 09 Jan 2023

End Date// 31 May 2023


     Lecture Phase      

£2385 GBP

   Outreach Phase    

£1950 GBP


24 credits with the  University of the Nations and opportunities to staff with YWAM worldwide.


To be Determined

The Lecture Phase


3 months of intensive lectures covering a wide range of topics including Character and Nature of God, Identity in Christ, Missions, Spiritual Formation and so on.

Like the whole DTS, the lecture phase is only as good as you make it. If you come with the mindset to learn and grow, you will experience new heights and new depths with the Lord.

However, if you have come simply for an adventure or a fun experience, you may still get that, but often its at the cost of a truly transformative experience. 

The lecture phase is the time where you become truly rooted in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. This happens not only by a 12 hour lecture week but by way of weekly one on one discipleship, small groups, corporate worship and intercession times and a live-in community learning experience. 

This is key to a great DTS. You will be living along side people who are from around the world, who believe different things and who have a vast difference of experience. If you dig deep, these relationships will teach you more about yourself and God than some book or lecture. God often uses the beauty and challenge you will find in your neighbour to transform you.

Finally, remember that this is a discipleship training school. This requires you to be open to discipleship by the various staff you will work along side. Discipleship is hard, but it is what we are all called to as followers of Christ.

The Outreach


About half way through the Lecture phase, you will be able to choose one of 3 outreach locations to spend your outreach phase in. As a base we have specific focus regions. This is because as a community we believe that we are far more effective when we have a commitment to local ministries and contacts that we continually pour into. These focus regions are Ireland, Lebanon, the Balkans, Rwanda, Burundi, Israel and Palestine, India, China and South Africa. Though as a core team, we have not decided on which, your outreach will be at one of those regions.

Outreach phase is the time to step out. To do things you have never done. To broaden you comfort zones. It is the time to be utterly moved and broken by the brokenness of this world, to let that produce in you a commitment to no longer live with apathy towards the suffering of others.

Like the whole DTS, Outreach is intense, but it is good. You will have 2 months in a new country, most likely a country you have never been to with a language you have never heard. You will learn to embrace the nations and to understand that every person on earth is deserving of love and compassion. You will also learn that we are not super heroes but a humble part of what God is already doing in those nations.  

Hopefully, you will walk away with a new outlook on life, yourself and others.

To apply
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the core team


Annie Hassen

Annie is originally from New Jersey, USA. She did a Music & Worship DTS in Toowoomba, Australia. She has a heart for discipleship, youth, and music ministry! You can often find her hanging out with friends, playing games, on the hunt for coffee, or watching a good show.

Christiaan & Emma Boer

Chris and Emma met on their DTS in  2016. After living in the Netherlands (where Chris is from) and Chicago (Where Emma is from) they felt called to return to Rostrevor and join YWAM for the long term.
Emma is a visionary leader who is always coming up with new ideas. She loves animals, long walks and the arts.

Christiaan is gifted in discipleship and has spent time as a social worker in a rehab centre in the Netherlands. He loves table tennis and is always up for any game or challenge.

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