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Since 2009, YWAM Ireland has been taking teams to New Delhi to partner with ministries working with street children and destitute families. Their goal is to give children in their area a safe environment where their basic needs are provided for such as, a few meals a day, education, and wound care as living in the slums they are often exposed to dangerous elements. During the pandemic, people in the slums have suffered the most. They no longer have a way to make their day to day wages and provide for food and medical care.


As COVID-19 rages in India, we are hoping to raise money to support 500 hundred families in desperate need. As our ministry partners have been forced to lockdown their facilities, they are risking their health to make sure others have basic needs covered while suffering themselves from the lack of resources


Where the money is going: Your donation will be split between our two trusted ministry partners. They will then buy and create food packages to deliver out to the families and children, starting with those who are most vulnerable or already suffering with corona virus.

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